Hi, I'm Nikos Sarilakis

I do product marketing at Apple. Before that, I was a Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce and head of marketing at Twin Prime (Acquired by Salesforce) and Sustainable Brands.I possess a blend of creativity and analytical thinking, moving effortlessly from big-picture brainstorming to executing granular details - I'm happiest when I'm creating.Back in 2012, a few friends and I built dopios.com (now WelcomePickups.com), a community marketplace where travelers can discover authentic experiences curated by locals. (Something like Airbnb Experiences)In 2019, I built GiveRoll.org, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, CA. GiveRoll's mission was to make it easier for everyday donors to have an impact on the issues they care about most.I'm always interested in meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Reach out if you want to connect.